Dentistry is a diversified wing of the medical profession. It is the study of diagnosis, treatments, and prevention of oral cavities, restructuring and smile enhancement and other dental needs. With the fast and unhealthy lifestyle of today’s generation, dental care services are projected to grow and flourish in years to come. Apart from the dedicated dental department in hospitals, specialized dental clinics are offering best in class assistance in dental care. There are doctoral roles, administrative roles and mid-level support staff like dental assistant temp agency, etc., as a career option in a dental clinic. For acquiring appropriate education and training for the non-medical job, role one can enroll in various certification course available online on

Various career options in the field of dentistry are:
1. Doctorate level specializations:
• General dentist: They are for basic consultation and offer general dental health care services like cavity filling, root canal, fluoride treatment, teeth whitening, and cleaning, etc. to become DDS one needs to complete dental school and get a license.
• Orthodontist: This is a specialization which relates to teeth positioning and jaw alignment. There is a requirement of additional qualification of 2 to 3 years of advanced specialty. The dentist is experts in corrective treatments like braces, smile enhancements, treating skeletal abnormalities, etc.
• Periodontist: Doctors specialized in treating the basic structure of the teeth called as periodontium, it’s ligament, gums, tissues, and bones. This specialization requires postdoctoral certification of 3 years or more.
• Maxillofacial and oral surgeon, radiologist or pathologist: They provide surgical treatment to teeth, jaw or facial bone, usually required for reconstruction of the structure post any life-threatening ailment like cancer or any injury caused by accident. Craniofacial surgery for treating cleft lips or palate repair is also covered under this specialization. One needs to complete 4 years of the residency program in a hospital to get certified and licensed.
• Pediatric Dentist: They specialize in taking the cases of infants, toddlers to adolescents.
• Cosmetic dentistry: Gaining popularity currently, cosmetic dentistry involves aesthetically working upon the alignment, smile, lips, and overall appearance of the patient. Highly skilled and experienced doctors take this up as a specialization.
2. Mid-level career options
• Dental assistant: They coordinate and prepare the schedule, appointment, equipment, medicines, and material, process X-ray and take teeth impression. They do not require any professional qualification. A diploma from a technical school or on the job training is the basic source of knowledge for this career option.
• Dental hygienist – They require more education than an assistant. They perform basic activities like teeth cleaning, applying the solution on teeth, examine patient dental history, etc. before man dentist start his/her work. They usually require an associate degree.
• Dental laboratory technician: These are non-clinic roles, wherein these technicians are involved in preparing prosthetics, crowns, dentures, bridges, and other orthodontics specified structures. No professional qualification is required. A simple vocational course may be helpful, but the actual accuracy and perfection are attained by working on a job.
3. Office administrative staff: These are non-medical staff like receptionist, accounting and billing section manager, clinic cleaning and housekeeping to ensure hygiene levels in the facility, etc.
There are multiple career choices in the dental field. With various dental clinics and hospitals having a tie-up with specialized dental care employment sites, one can find their way out.

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