Advantages Of Employee Screening For Your Company

Employee Screening

Before employment, companies conduct background checks as it is a protection for your business, the assets as well as other employees. These checks on prospective employees will give you data with which you can make informed decisions on whether or not to hire a candidate. There are many background check canada companies which help you verify the candidate’s background through their screening services and protect you against hiring the wrong people. A survey conducted by states that the 70% of the survey respondents said that the quality of hiring was better due to the screening of applicants. Below are some of the benefits of employee screening.

Improvement in quality of hiring: The quality of employees you hire after performing a background verification is high as per a survey. That is mainly because when performing a screening, any false information that is on the resumes will be discovered. There are also misrepresentations and misrepresented information which will be caught while screening. A study conducted found that inaccurate information on resumes is most likely done by job aspirants who have done something wrong in the past.

The reason the employer has to be aware of such job seekers is not only because it can turn to be a bad hire but can also lead to legal complications for the organisation at a later date. By performing background checks, you can prevent further risks which lead to unnecessary costs.

Lesser hiring risk: By background checks, employers can reduce the risk involved in hiring. A bad hire can cause harm to a co-worker, and the victim may claim that the worker has a previous record of criminal history. If that is proven, then the employer has to face legal complications for negligent hiring. This lawsuit can result in a not only monetary loss but also hurts the reputation of your company. There are certain cases where the settlement of a negligent hiring lawsuit was close to a million dollars. Hiring a company to screen candidates will protect you from such negligent hiring.

Better compliance with regulations: There are many regulations in place for a hiring process; there are also guidelines for discrimination and eligibility criteria. These rules vary from one industry to another along with certifications and licensing. In case you fail to follow any or all of the guidelines and regulations mentioned, it can result in the loss of revenue as the fines are enormous, and even the company’s foreclosure. A screening company will ensure that all the requirements and guidelines are met, and a correct hiring process is followed to avoid any lawsuits.

Safer workplace: One of the most advantageous aspects of background check is to find candidates who can potentially cause harm to your assets or other co-workers. You will have the ability to access and check for criminal records, drug tests, credit checks and search sex offenders list to find any red flags in the applicant’s history. There are some industry-specific checks like medical malpractice searches that need to be done to reduce the risk of negligent hiring. The automatic screening will help eliminate such candidates who can be a risk to your company.

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